5 Steps Required To Manage Your Contractors Effectively - Circles of Compliance

Simple, tried, tested and effective

Join me on a FREE webinar where I explain 5 steps you can apply to manage contractors and stay compliant.

Using a simple model I will explain the main challenges encountered when implementing a contractor management program and what you can do to address them.

I will explain our 5 step Circles of Compliance™ approach that is tried and tested with thousands of companies already. These 5 Circles cover:

1) Contractor companies coming on site-what to do

2) Employees of contractors companies who actually come on site, including sub contractors-what to do

3) Your own site requirements- who knows about them?

4) Your registration process for when they arrive on site- great opportunity for engagement

5) You work permit control system - an easy way to use permits for assessing compliance

Simply register for the webinar using the link provided and lets get started! I look forward to seeing you there. There is an option while registering to watch a previously recorded webinar as well instead of waiting for the next scheduled event.

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Dan Gallagher

Dan developed the mai™management system software platform to help EHS professionals manage risk better. Twenty three years later the platform is used by thousands of customers around the world. We understand that solutions need to be simple but effective to ensure engagement from all interested parties. It is by actively listening to our clients that we continue to successfully develop solutions to the challenges that exist.

I also work as a senior lecturer (Associate Professor, adjunct) at the National University of Ireland (Cork) in various under and post graduate programs which helps me to feel that I am still young!

Johnson & Johnson Happy Customer

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Anne Irwin, Senior EHS Specialist for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Ireland).

“We are delighted to have chosen the mai™ Contractor Portal. The Portal Support Team are very responsive and deal with all the contractor onboarding in the background, and update Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Ireland) through regular reports re the status of all contractors. We have integrated our EHS questionnaire into the system, which has significantly decreased the time and effort associated with managing this process. The completed questionnaires are available online and we also receive a copy by email, and the completion status can be seen in the daily report. The daily reports makes it easy to see the status of all contractors we have in our Contractor Management Programme at Johnson & Johnson.  Our on Site Contractor Administrators can see at a glance whether their Contractors are complaint or not.  It identifies those contractors who may need some intervention to update their out of date documentation and this process is managed by EHA.  We are currently working towards integrating the online contractor induction into the portal, the flat fee option is much more cost effective and the overall multimedia format is attractive”.